Next of Kin & Family Tracing over Christmas & New Year.

Those familiar with what we do know will know we pretty much offer an ‘open all hours’ service, and the same applies over Christmas and New Year. If you need to trace & contact the family of a client, service user or other family member over the forthcoming holiday period, please note the following:

Phone 0151 336 6610, and if not answered leave a voicemail together with a direct dial or mobile reply number.

Email detailing who you are looking for or information about your client. Again, please include a either a direct dial or mobile reply number. If you are not going to be readily contactable yourself, please provide an alternative contact e.g. the name of the care home or hospital, the manager name & number, or the contact details for a colleague.

Both of the above will be checked routinely throughout each day and we will respond immediately.

Please note we are normally able to contact hitherto unknown family prior to death or the funeral, but only if we are instructed promptly. If one of your clients is gravely ill, or passes away during this period, please do not wait until after New Year to instruct us to trace family.


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