For Solicitors

Small Things

To issue a claim against a party, solicitors required a date of birth. Provided within an hour.

Executors & Beneficiaries

Locating named Executors & Beneficiaries for whom no current address is known.

Urgent Next of Kin

A lady, not very old, but completely estranged from her family, died in a hospice without a will. Hospice had no other contact save for the solicitors who had been discussing making a will with the lady shortly before she died. Within 24 hours, we had spoken to sister & mother in Liverpool, and an Aunt in North Wales.

Big Things: Probate

Recent example. Friday 23rd October. I collected the ‘crate’ of papers from a local solicitor. I identified the estate value was around £450k. (28 savings accounts; 8 providers, 14 shareholdings; 7 registrars, 10 other notifications identified as required. By Thursday 27th October, we had identified the correct contacts for all and made certain the information required. All ‘first’ letters were sent 28th October. By 23rd November, after some chasing, we had received all necessary responses. 24th November we completed PA1, IHT liability calculation and forms IHT 400, 421, 405, 406, 407 & 411 as well as State pension Underpayment claim. 25th November, all completed forms were delivered by hand for executor to sign. Cash available in the estate meant we could also immediately apply directly for the release of funds for IHT payment. Barring the proceeds of the sale of a property (approximately 30% of the estate), the estate will be distributed before the year end. Our time spent on this case was 3.5 days, and the solicitor’s office time spent was less than a half day. For the family, the time from dropping off the crate, to applying for probate and settling the tax was 33 days, including weekend days, and they, and the firm they instructed, will be in funds within 6-8 weeks.

Big Things: Grant of Probate Court Records Required

Court of Probate demanded proof that the deceased was in fact divorced, however the divorce was granted in a small town in Brittany. Within 4 weeks we had the records, a translation, and the estate was released.

Big Things: Intestacy

Two examples:

-An elderly brother & sister who shared a home. The brother pre-deceased, left everything to his sister. His sister died shortly after, but no will and 3 known relations. It was thought there was a cousin in Shropshire. 42 beneficiaries of full blood traced contacted and estate distributed within 6 months with no loose ends.

-An intestate estate with all known family readily contactable, until someone mentioned a ‘cousin’. The family believed he was the stepson of the bloodline, being born well before the marriage. Had the stepfather legally adopted him? Where was he? Last known retired in Cyprus in 1990’s. Although only knowing the ‘cousins’ mothers nickname, we managed to establish his original birth date and mother full name, then the marriage, and then we found the legal adoption that occurred in 1949. All we had to do was find him. It took a fortnight, and involved calling all of the surname listed in Cyprus, but we found him, living in Northwich!

Stalled Property Sale

A property estate sale stalled when it was discovered that the house had not been legally transferred to the widow on death of her husband, who was sole owner, in 1974. The sale was at risk of falling through, and the distant family did not know the marriage or death dates or places. Within a week we had the marriage and death certificates that allowed the transfer to take place.

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