Court of Protection Deputies

In recent years, I have assisted a number of Court of Protection Deputies by tracing next of kin or wider family, assisted and advised on investments, and dealt with the estates of those who have died whilst their affairs were managed by a local authority deputy.

If you are a member of a local authority Deputyship Team,  or if you are on the panel of Court Appointed Deputies, and would like to speak to some of your colleagues in another authority or firm as a ‘reference’ before using me, let me know and I will put you in touch.

A few examples of cases I have dealt with are below.

A lady died in a retirement home, with her care under supervision of the local authority. No will and one known relative. Local authority solicitor was minded to appoint the one relative as administrator, and there being no other known relatives, pay the estate out. After checking on their behalf, within 2 weeks we had identified 12 beneficiaries, and when the case finished, there were 81 with no loose ends or risk to the administrator. This included tracing two brothers with a very common surname and forenames, who emigrated in the 1960’s as children to “either Australia or South Africa”

A divorced dementia sufferer with no known family. Address for 1st daughter found, work contact number for second daughter found, and postal address provided for ex-wife – ALL WITHIN 24 Hours.

A Client with no known family. Research completed to confirm no qualifying relatives and so allow unhampered referral to bona vacantia. Completed and reported in 10 days.

A Client known to be divorced but estranged from family; children and former wife names unknown: Names, addresses and phone numbers of daughters found SAME DAY.

A Client with no known family history. Children identified, addresses located and reported SAME DAY.

A Client with significant wealth but believed to be ‘last of the line’. 8 cousins once removed identified, full estate intestacy administration service provided.

A Client with significant investment holdings; reviewed and identified and confirmed that which can be included for care cost assessment and those that cannot. Also gifting, investment and tax advice provided to protect the Deputy from claims or criticism from Court of Protection or beneficiaries.

A Client reported by the Independent Social Worker to have been widowed with no children or other family. Confirmation no marriage in fact, and a sole blood relative surviving, a niece traced to Australia. Two days. Full intestacy service provided also.

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