About John

I set up on my own account in the year 2000 and until 2018 was an Independent Financial Adviser regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with more than 30 years of financial services experience having worked in Building Societies, Banks, Insurance companies and Mortgage Brokers.

Much of my work was bespoke financial and legal solutions to investing clients, solicitors and local authority deputies.

Whilst I no longer offer formal financial advise, I am please to confirm my affiliation with Priscum Limited who offer a Chartered Financial Planning Service to clients all over the UK and if you should wish to contact them the details are:

Priscum Ltd
Marston Hall Marston Jabbett
CV12 9SD

Phone: 01600 483600
Email: Tom@priscum.com

Ask for Tom or Keith and tell them I sent you!

(Priscum Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 507387)

Nowadays my main activity is support to solicitors dealing with estates by providing full estate administration from first instructions to completion of IHT return of estate information and distribution. Speed and efficiency is assured both because of my knowledge of financial services and the dedicated systems I have developed.

Intestacy and full beneficiary tracing is included in this service, from basic location of a known beneficiary to full intestacy research and report with insurance back up if required.

This typically involves finding ways to remove obstacles that might be ‘stalling’ an estate, whether this is tracing beneficiaries, identifying personal representatives, dealing with tax issues both in the UK and overseas, as well as administering complex estates. Since 2003, I have successfully dealt with or assisted with more than 400 estates, traced more than 500 persons, be they next of kin or beneficiaries, recovered stolen estate assets, secured repayments of overpaid estate tax and identified and realised estate assets not just in the UK, but also in the U.S., Australia and South Africa.

To Local Authority Deputies (Safeguarding Adult Finance) I provide family tracing and estate administration services.

Praise for John

“John has provided me and my family with sound advice over the past 10 years and our investments have done well despite the difficult financial climate. He handles matters in a professional and sensitive way giving me confidence that my financial affairs are in safe hands.” P.M., Wirral.

“John is always highly professional and tenacious, and hugely successful. A pleasure to work with, I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” C.J. Worcestershire.

“Our first and only call when we have intestacy issues, complex estate matters or need to find people.” SB, Solicitor, Cheshire.